Staff Room

Staff Room is out!

Watch Now at The 5-part sitcom tells the story of hapless media teacher Ian Butterworth (Ryan McDermott) and his lothario best friend Julian Wentworth-Farlington (Adam Brown). When the pair aren’t wasting time in the staff room debating the meaning of the monkey emoji, they’re out on the town and turning up to work hungover,…



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Stanford Startups

Lectures 1-18 How to Start a Startup #CS183B

American seed accelerator Y Combinator is offering a free, 1,000-hour course through Standford called “How to Start a Startup.” President Sam Altman kicked off the series today which at last count had about 50,000 participants and will feature guest lectures from Paul Graham, Aaron Levie, Marissa Mayer, Marc Andreessen and others. Aspiring entrepreneurs across the globe…



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Chris Hardwick } Streamys Nominees


SANTA MONICA, CA (August 18, 2014) – dick clark productions and Tubefilter announced today the nominees for the 4th Annual Streamy Awards Presented by Coca-Cola. The program recognizes excellence in original online video across forty-seven categories, including two Audience Choice Awards chosen entirely by members of the public. The show will stream LIVE from The Beverly Hilton…

Abstraction Cast


ABSTRACTION stars Hunter Ives, Richard Manriquez, Korrina Rico, Ken Davitian, Eric Roberts, and Natalie Victoria. It is an intense action movie about an art heist. The film has been well-received at festivals across North America. In its first screening of 2014, the award-winning film arrives at the historic New Beverly Cinema in Hollywood, owned by filmmaker Quentin Tarantino. ‘Abstraction’…


The Making of Frozen

Disney’s Frozen is the Golden Globe winner for Best Animated Film and it will probably win an Oscar for Best Animated Film and/or Best Original Song for “Let It Go”. It’s heading for Broadway soon, too. This runaway hit is unstoppable! ABOUT: Fearless optimist Anna (voice of Kristen Bell) sets off on an epic journey—teaming…

darwin main


–Life Coach Leo Darwin appears to have everything. A thriving practice. A best-selling book. A beautiful wife and child at home. In reality, he’s being evicted from his office, his marriage is a mess, and his six-month old baby doesn’t have a name yet. His new client is about to have a breakthrough overcoming his fear of…

IMDbPro Casting Service

ACTORS – How to leverage IMDbPro’s casting service to get seen by the right people [VIDEOS]

Posted by +Kim Sherrell Technology has found incredibly useful ways to make business collaborations more efficient and casting is no exception.  When IMDbPro added a casting service, for many people, it streamlined the casting process even further. Once you’ve subscribed [here], the user interface gives you instant access to casting notices right in your IMDbPro dashboard. Sophisticated search…